Complete guide to use badges to show your support on using buymeacoffee.js to your project.

If your project uses buymeacoffee.js then you can add any of the following badges below to your project's readme file. For the badges I use Shields.io API to create a custom badges for READMEs.

![BMCJS Badge](https://wrnl.ink/bmcjs-bs1)
![BMCJS Badge](https://wrnl.ink/bmcjs-bs2)
![BMCJS Badge](https://wrnl.ink/bmcjs-bs3)
![BMCJS Badge](https://wrnl.ink/bmcjs-bs4)

Once you use the project and add this badge to your project's README file, please create a new issue to add your repository link to the official README file.

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