Official Documentation for WiFi Passview.

WiFi Passview is an open-source batch script-based program that can recover your WiFi Password easily in seconds. This is for Windows OS only. Basically, this scripted program has the same function as other passview software such as webpassview and mailpassview.

How it Works

Basically, this is the shortcut and batch scripted file version of a popular WiFi password manager viewing method using the command prompt. This is how it works...

netsh wlan show profiles

When you use this tool, you are able to extract the WiFi passwords stored on the target machine in just seconds.


  • netsh wlan show profiles - To harvest wireless interface information.

  • findstr - To extract the information from netsh wlan and save it as a text file.


  1. The tool will harvest the information by using netsh wlan show profiles and will be captured by findstr and save it as a text file.

  2. The tool will create temp.txt to temporarily store the captured wireless interface information. This will be used to output what information has been captured.

  3. In automated mode, the tool will create another temporary file called helper.bat and this file will create another file called final.txt and this file is the final file to be used to create the creds.txt which is the final file that the tool will create.

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