Frequently Asked Questions

Why you don't use built-in netsh wlan export command?

I'm aware of that command, the only reason why I use findstr instead of that command is that to make the tool more user-level that does not require any admin rights. For example, if you are about to use the tool in a machine that you don't own then you're not able to use the tool. Got the idea? If the tool does not require admin rights then we can avoid the UAC prompt and we can use the tool more efficiently, the command netsh wlan show profiles do not require admin rights that's why we can still use that and capture the data and save it to file using the findstr command. Brilliant? 😅

Do I really need to use this tool to extract wifi passwords?

The short answer is NO, you can use a simple command to extract wireless connection credentials to your target windows machine OR go here for more other methods. This tool offers the fastest way to quickly extract all saved wifi passwords in a windows machine, use this tool wisely!

Is it possible to use this on linux and macos?

No, it will not work... this tool is designed to work on windows machine only. I'm planning to create a new version of it that will support all machines soon.

Why is it not working on Windows 7?

This is a known issue in my end, I'm still trying to fix this on Windows 7 users. If you found a bug kindly report it immediately to this repository as an issue and provide much details as you can so I can work on it.

I'm getting "No Wireless Interface Detected" error, what does it mean?

Basically, there is no wireless interface or wifi adapter detected on your target machine, make sure it has wireless interface to be able to use this tool. If you have a wireless interface but you are in different language aside English, you will get this error due to the fact that the tool doesn't support different language. The feature will be available soon. If you still getting this error and your target machine is using English as primary language then I'm encouraging you to submit a bug report or issue in this repository.

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